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About Us


Our Work

We are academics who help education companies and state & local governments evaluate the effectiveness of their education programs with a focus on education technology. JoinIn Ventures is interested in pro-social organizations that are trying to make a difference in the lives of students. Our work involves early childhood and K-12 education.


Our Mission

The purpose of JoinIn Ventures is to use well-designed research methods and data analysis to find and communicate evidence regarding the effectiveness of interventions designed to improve the lives of students. We have strong academic backgrounds in research methods, statistics, educational technologies, and psychological interventions designed to increase motivation and learning.


Our Clients

We work with leading Education Technology companies and organizations to help them evaluate the effectiveness of their program or product. We have designed & conducted industry-specific research studies for our clients and from this data, we have developed evidence-based practices and procedures with the goal of helping our partners improve their programs and improve the lives of students. 

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